Peter Chow is an Award-Winning Creative/Bot Builder/ & Funnel Hacker, UX/UI Expert, Digital Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, Speaker and Trainer, Course Creator, a Geek, father of a 7-year old boy, and a serial entrepreneur with 16+ years of experience and strong work ethics. 
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Yeah, I dropped out of high school when I realized that my parents would not be able to afford to send me to college (university). I did fairly well in school and my grades were decent but not enough to secure a full scholarship.

At that time, my dad was out of a job, and my mom had to take on the responsibility of making ends meet and I decided that I would just take a job and study part-time (something that at least I could finance with my salary without adding additional burden to my mom).

I was living in a small one-bedroom government flat with my dad, mom and two younger brothers in Ipoh, a small sleepy town in Malaysia.

One day, I saw an ad in the newspaper, took a 5-hr bus ride to Kuala Lumpur for an interview for a retail job in Singapore, got accepted and took another 10-hr bus ride with very little money in my pocket, to my new life across the causeway at the southern tip of Malaysia, towards the Little Red Dot - a country I heard so much about and wanted to visit but never did, until now).

I still remember that job only paid SG$600+/mo, but that being my first major job and all, it was a lot of money to me at that time. 

At the very least, my parents do not have to worry about supporting me any more...

And so, south-bound I went...

And it was my new found freedom as I learn to be truly independent ,away from my family - I think I was 20 years old back then.

Since then, I had made Singapore my new home...
Door-to-Door Selling Sucks
Before that, I had a short stint job as a traveling door-to-door salesman while waiting for my exam/test results, before getting into high school (which I dropped out at the end of the first year).

I really didn't know what I was doing. I just wanted to do something and not waste my time while waiting for results.

I was willing to learn and do almost anything. Found an ad, went for an interview, got accepted and a nice gentleman took me under his wings and taught me how to sell.

We travelled far and wide across Malaysia and went knocking on doors, selling something that no one wanted - encyclopedias.

Of course I had no idea how difficult that was - I was just a blank sheet of paper literally - no baggage, no limiting beliefs, no money.

It was hard. Really hard. Doors slammed at your face. Being ignored. Hours were long. Walked a lot. 

I remembered being chased by wild dogs - and that was not pleasant! Down right scary!

I met some really nice people whom were willing to listen to my pitch - which I learned to memorize.

Great practice you could say - I learned to sell.

Although I got used to getting "No's" all the time (or did I?), I still hate being rejected...

That few weeks felt like a lifetime...
My First Stab At Being An Employee
My first job in the retail industry (a major departmental store in Singapore) saw me working really hard with a lot of overtime and I quickly rise up the ranks as my immediate Department Manager and Store Manager saw something in me and supported me along the way.

They gave me many opportunities to shine. In three years I was promoted 3 times and almost got a Manager position at the end of that period...

They were really nice people that I miss now... 

Now that I am looking back, I realized that it was a sales job after all - with customer service being a major part of it, but sales nevertheless.

This job helped financed my part-time study for a professional qualification - the Graduate Diploma in Marketing by the prestigious CIM, UK.

I left my job shortly after I graduated to join the airline as a cabin crew (flight attendant) after failing my interview to join an Ad agency (yes, I wanted to go into advertising even back then).

Little did I know that I would come full circle back into advertising - but in a totally different way. 

Back then, Advertising was the in thing. Now they are a sunset industry, over shadowed by Social Media Marketing and the 800-pound gorilla that is Facebook Ads.
My First Major Achievement
In 2003, I started my own design agency called MOOPHSTUDIOS (art, creativity and technology are a passion of mine) as a solopreneur - of course, at that time, that word did not exist. Nor is being an 'entrepreneur' - I just started being my own boss!

Creative consultancy, branding and communications, web design and technology fulfillment - I had came a long way from nothing.

Note that I had no industry qualifications, but fueled entirely by my passion and in less than three years, grown it into a small award-winning boutique Interactive Agency.

I didn't know what I didn't know, learned what I needed, did what I had to and got same major milestones that I can be proud of...

Of course, made a heap of mistakes along the way.

Especially when you consider the fact that I had no formal training, no coach, no help whatsoever, and I got to call MNCs like Sony, Nikon, NGC, Avery Dennison, Robert Bosch, NEC, OCBC, OrangeTee, Century 21, and government organizations like MDA, NLB, educational institutions like NTU, NUS and others as my clients.

And I co-founded a non-profit local chapter of the global "Make Poverty History" movement in Singapore too.

That was really my first stab at entrepreneurship.
My First Failed Tech Start-Up
The SIXROCKET was a side project with high hopes and aspirations... A side hustle if you will.

It was supposed to me my swan song, one that will make me a millionaire upon exit in the start-up scene, serving both creative professionals and agencies alike.

This tech start-up was co-founded with a friend/ex-client where I was in charge of product development, all the creative aspects, customer support and fulfillment.

My partner was in charge of marketing and funding but he couldn't secure any funding for more than a year, nor done any meaningful marketing and left the team when he realized he couldn't cope.

That strong employee mindset, a dramatic family relationship, and health challenges were the under current of the failed partnership.

That and my OCD, perfectionist mindset and impatience...

The project was launched with a beautifully working portal - much like a combination of LinkedIn Jobs and Deviant Art portal in concept.

I had to shut it down one and a half year later and swallowed a $50K+ loss (while he walked away with only a few thousands loss).

I realized I made the biggest mistake of my life by paying him back his initial investment back (minus professional fees incurred) with my own money - being a nice guy was an expensive $50K lesson!

My dreams all crashed and burnt badly... Hopes of retiring a millionaire after my IPO vanished... LOL!

(On the bright side, I did manage to use the systems and technology already created for another project for a client and soften the blow a bit - but my ego was badly bruised as an entrepreneur).
How I Got Fired Twice By The Same Boss
After being in the interactive industry for 12 years, I became wear, tired and uninspired. 

So when I was headhunted to lead a Creative Team in a well funded FinTech company, I jumped at the opportunity to start anew.

I got in as a VP of Creative Services and life was good...

No headaches associated with being an employer, the hiring and firing, no pressure of making sales as an entrepreneur, but still got paid doing what I love to do.

I get to lead a talented team of young UX/UI designers and together we developed many impressive projects for the Fintech clients from many parts of the world.

Well, things were great... until it weren't...

The politics were real...

I got to see how people in different positions maneuvered their moves, character assassination, story crafting just for the soundbites and news-worthiness with zero substance, unethical people taking advantage of opportunities, corporate vultures swooping in, questionable management, mindless spending, and on and on.

Millions were spent on prepping up the company just to look good to investors without any real concern of business fundamentals like fulfilling on promises made to clients and partners and making a profit.

At this point, both the co-founders were already out-maneuvered and unable to do anything meaningful at all.

When the IPO failed, the house of cards came tumbling down (it has since became insolvent). 

Many people were fired - and that included me.

My position required me to serve my extended notice (while the lowers levels were demanded to leave immediately). 

New management got in and started realizing that they needed me around after all. So they offered me an SVP promotion and more stocks to stay.

As a temporary measure, I said yes. I was laughing at the stocks offer on the inside as I knew that tens of thousands stock options were worth nothing if there was no exit - and none was in sight any longer.

When all the additional rounds of bridging funds dried up again and again, the company became a shell. I was again fired with close to 4 months of owed salary!

I was pissed for a while, of course. I couldn't believe how bad the management were, how they gambled the entire future of the company and all its employees in an IPO that was riding on fumes.

How such a well funded company has zero business fundamentals of not focusing on making sales and creating positive cashflow rather than burning all the millions away in uncontrolled spending.

That's the tech start-up entrepreneurship reality...

And how I have grown to appreciate basic business fundamentals, positive cashflow, sales processes, fulfillment on promises, good employee welfare, caring management and sound marketing strategies.

Then I discovered Online Marketing
At this juncture, I was at the lowest point of my life...

The job market was soft and I couldn't even get a call for interview, let alone an offer - even with the help of Headhunters - for more than half a year.

Bill kept pilling up and I was struggling to make ends meet for my family.

No job, no money (I was still owed 4 months of unpaid salary), I was so stressed up, desperate and pretty much rudderless...

Until I met a man name Ken who showed me the possibility of an online marketing business and the rest was history...

It was an Affiliate Marketing opportunity in a huge growing wealth education industry.

I jumped all in as I can see - for the first time in so long - that I can really do this...

I also knew that in order to get results fast, I needed to get a 6-figure Mentor (who very quickly became a 7-figure earner) to show me the way as I cannot afford to do this with trials and errors.

In less than 3 months, I made $50,000 in commission, and hit my 6-figure milestone in about one and a half years.

All with a custom-tweaked landing page (on ClickFunnels), Facebook Ads, Messenger Bot sequence and email marketing.

The so-called professional Graduate Diploma in Marketing that I had, was utterly useless in the brand new digital and social landscape where people live on their smartphones and text to each other rather than face-to-face.

My custom Global Events Registration Bot sequence gave me the extra edge in standing apart in a crowded marketplace in an Attention Economy, offering my audience and leads a fresh user experience when registering for our events.

In fact, the said bot sequence won an award in ManyChat's Bot Building Contest and soon, I became one of their Agency Partner.
Meet Oliver - My WHY
This little guy right here is the reason I’ll continue to work hard each and every day to reach a level of success for my family, so that he’ll never have to know what it’s like to sell encyclopedias  or being fired from a job that you are so good at, or struggle to eat or pay the electric bill...

My son - Oliver - changed everything for me, and I’ll never have to miss the most important moments in his life… thanks to the business I built.

He is now 7 years old and I love him to death!
Developing Skillsets - Leverage
I knew I need to take this business seriously and do things right, ethically and responsibly.

I am willing to hustle hard, put in the work, sweat and do whatever it takes to continuously learn to up my skills and level - all the time.

In the process, I developed and mastered several skillsets that I can leverage on and monetize with - like offer/product creation, funnel hacking & design, social media, Facebook Ads, email, Messenger ChatBot Marketing and personal branding.

And as Uncle Ben said, "with great power, comes great responsibility..." So I have created my own training and coaching programs to help others succeed.

In my arsenal right now, I have at my disposal, a free mastery course on using ClickFunnels (the software page builder), a complete ChatBot Domination Secrets Masterclass (free and paid) as well as my flagship coaching/mentoring program called Execution Secrets.
My Decision To Educate
It was back in the early days in Online Marketing where I was taught to take every available moment to sell, sell and sell. In all my email followup sequences. In my thoughts all the time. 

Like Grant Cardone's ABC mantra... "Always Be Selling".

That actually was much against my grain of being and I just found it stressful to be doing that all the time - felt too much like a pushy salesman.

It was intolerable - even to myself...

Then I chance upon the book "Jab Jab Jab Right Hook" by Gary Vee...

And that changed my life! I started giving value and giving and giving and stopped asking for sales until I earned the right to do so...

I started giving free training through a regular webinars series called "The Elite Earners Webinar" as a Guest Trainer.

I started teaching on stage at the Super Charge Summit in Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney for the partner company that I was with at the time.

I started creating my own online courses and coaching programs to help others.

And that started to build my personal branding and an expert or an authority in the industry.

Now I have my followers beginning to approach me to teach them what I know and help them create results for themselves....

Without the need for me to be pushy or salesy...

Contribution and growth are two important aspects of my life - allowing me to make an impact in the world and leaving it a better place, and building a legacy for my son that he can be proud of when I'm gone.
The Shortest Route Form A to B Is Not A Straight Line
One of the most important lesson I got out of attending the Funnel Hacking Live 2019 was the fact that first, we need to figure out where we are (our Point A), before we identify where we wanted to go (Point B). 

In between is the gap where we need to fill it up with a proven framework/blueprint, modeling after what's working, with the help of a Coach or a Mentor. 

That's the secret to fast-tracking success, reaching goals getting results without wasting time and effort trying to DIY it.

It became super clear to me the necessary steps I have to take to make things happen for myself - chief among which is getting a Mentor/Coach.

And that's exactly what I did...

The last three months had been the most productive period of my life in a long while where I got to engineered and designed my 7-figure funnel (for myself and my clients), pushed out a complete course on ClickFunnels, build multiple Lead-Gen shared funnels for different industries, my own Application Funnel as well as in the process of finalizing my new ChatBot Domination Secrets funnel (relaunching soon).

One of my super power is in execution. I learn fast, I execute faster. 

Then I teach and educate through my new program called the EXECUTION SECRETS - where I choose to work with my Dream Clients which is only accepted through a private application process.

Now, my goal is to share my knowledge and teach others how to create a life they love as well.

This program will not be advertised but mostly through word-of-mouth by my students, as for the rest of the year, I will only have the capacity to work with 20 students.
Mission 2CC
My personal short-term mission is to qualify for the 2-Comm-Club Award where anyone who hits seven figures from just one funnel, will receive the prestigious framed award from ClickFunnels.

And working with a client, we submitted our application in June 2019 but gotten a reply back shortly that there are still certain rules that were yet to be met. 

So we went back to work and will need a few more months before we will meet the requirements again for another submission.

The journey itself is not only interesting but also fulfilling - so much to learn, so much to tweak. 

Hitting those figures and ensuring that all the requirements are met is no easy task but the experience is priceless as it becomes one of the main topic on the Execution Secrets Coaching/Mentorship Program. - that will be my blueprint.

I invite you to join me on my journey as I post updates in my private Facebook Group - Digital Entrepreneurs Mastery - along with other free trainings ad journey documentation.

And that - in a nutshell - is my story... ;-)
Don't take my word, see my testimonials...
"I’ve had the luxury to get to know Peter over the last couple of years and watch him excel in the online space. His knowledge for social media, building funnels, messenger bots & coaching techniques are second to none. He is genuine, honest, work ethics, 'always-giving' attitude and sincerity radiates and shines through in his teachings. He’s truly a coach I would highly recommend and am honored to call a friend."
Founder, Hustling Ladies, Victoria, Australia
"I have known Peter Chow for years, as a friend and worked and partnered with him in several different capacities. I've watched through the years, from his agency and startup days, to where he is today and impressively, he has managed to reinvent and rebuild himself at different phases of his life. More importantly, watched how he help transformed other people's lives."
CXO, Active.Ai, Singapore
 The EXECUTION SECRETS Coaching Program is Limited To Just 20 Students...
There are many skill-sets you can pick up along the way as an online entrepreneur that will serve your business growth to the tee. As you know, I'm pretty good at several of them - some are due to my background, while others, I picked up from scratch since diving into the online Digital Marketing. The free CORE CF Mastery Course is super valuable training to help you get good at building sales funnel with ClickFunnels™ - the very component that will give you an ROI that a traditional website couldn't. On top of that, this is a highly monetizable skill-set (the fundamentals to Funnel Hacking) that you can leverage on as a Digital Marketer in a crowded Attention Economy.
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